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Philadelphia's Center City Revival: A Tale of Downtown Foot Traffic Recovery

The City of Brotherly Love & Sisterly Affection has witnessed a remarkable resurgence in its downtown foot traffic since 2019, where all US ...

Read More icon-arrow November 07, 2023

Spring & Summer Events Around Philadelphia

In the blink of an eye, we’ve gone from sweater weather to digging our AC units out of the basement. Now that the April showers are (mostly) over and ...

Read More icon-arrow May 15, 2023

The Skinny on Interest Rates

It seems like these days, everyone is talking about interest rates. Whether it’s the APR on a credit card, the Federal Reserve adding and taking ...

Read More icon-arrow December 21, 2022

20 Amazing Philadelphia Suburbs

As the birthplace of America and the cradle of liberty, Philadelphia enjoys the distinction of being one of the most important cities on this side of ...

Read More icon-arrow October 09, 2022

Suburb Spotlight: Phoenixville, PA

Situated way up above the city on the banks of the upper Schuylkill sits Phoenixville, the once run-down mill town in the midst of a historic ...

Read More icon-arrow July 06, 2022

Going on Vacation? Remember These Three Things!

It’s finally summer again, and after two plus years of laying low, many people are getting back on the move. Whether it’s a weekend trip to see ...

Read More icon-arrow June 15, 2022

Will Interest Rates Continue to Rise?

If you’re paying attention to the housing market on a regular basis, odds are that you’re keeping tabs on current mortgage rates. The pandemic saw ...

Read More icon-arrow April 27, 2022

Thinking About Buying? Remember These Three Things!

Pennsylvania’s most famous groundhog will say what he wants, but with the warm air sweeping through the City of Brotherly Love, it’s undeniable that ...

Read More icon-arrow March 30, 2022

Center City Region Continues to Grow

If you’ve spent any time in Philadelphia, you’ve almost certainly been in Center City. The beating heart of the city of over one and a half million ...

Read More icon-arrow March 16, 2022

CHRE Mailbag #4

We’re back! And we’ve got another Copper Hill mailbag for you! As we always do every so often, we take questions from the general public on various ...

Read More icon-arrow February 09, 2022

Four New Years Resolutions to Move You Toward Home Ownership

The new year is a great time to make changes and improvements to our lives; some will stick, and inevitably, some will not. But this year, rather ...

Read More icon-arrow January 19, 2022

Attending an Open House? Pay Attention to These Three Things!

Visiting an open house for a property being listed for sale is a great opportunity to get the scoop on what’s going on. You’ll have the chance to ...

Read More icon-arrow November 24, 2021

What's the (Adaptive Re)Use?

If you’re into real estate investing, the term “adaptive reuse” should be in your vocabulary; if it’s not already, we’ve got a good one for you.

Read More icon-arrow November 10, 2021

Fall Fun in the Philadelphia Area

How sweet it is to be out of our houses again!

Read More icon-arrow October 13, 2021

20 Amazing Philadelphia Neighborhoods

Philadelphia is a city of many things; great history, unique culture, and absolutely incredible food and drink. From its place in American lore as ...

Read More icon-arrow August 03, 2021

Neighborhood Spotlight: Fitler Square

A verdant oasis tucked away into the southwest corner of Center City Philadelphia, Fitler Square offers laid back residential living just a stone’s ...

Read More icon-arrow July 01, 2021

CHRE Mailbag #3

It’s mailbag time! Every once in a while, we like to take questions from the community about what they’ve been wondering about. Markets move quickly, ...

Read More icon-arrow June 17, 2021

Three Qualities to Look For In a Landlord

Ah yes, the joy of renting. Living in a space that’s almost yours, but not quite; repairing damage before you move out; paying the rent on-time, ...

Read More icon-arrow June 09, 2021

Neighborhood Spotlight: Rittenhouse Square

Rittenhouse Square is one of the single most iconic neighborhoods in the entire city of Philadelphia. Picturesque row homes lining the streets ...

Read More icon-arrow June 02, 2021

Condo Fees- What Are They Good For?

Living in a condominium means not worrying about lots of little things that you’d ordinarily be concerned with in a home. Trash removal, shoveling ...

Read More icon-arrow May 26, 2021

Neighborhood Spotlight: Bella Vista

One of the most underrated neighborhoods in all of Philadelphia, historic Bella Vista is nestled into southeast Center City. Known for its tree-lined ...

Read More icon-arrow May 20, 2021

Neighborhood Spotlight: Fairmount

Ah, Fairmount, one of our favorite neighborhoods in the city. Situated in the lower northwest corner of Philadelphia’s sprawling downtown, the ...

Read More icon-arrow May 13, 2021

End of Evictions Moratorium: What Does It Mean for You?

When the true weight of the pandemic began to set in all over the country, many lost their source of income. Soon, bills of all kinds began to pile ...

Read More icon-arrow May 07, 2021

Beginner's Guide to Philadelphia Tax Abatements

If you’ve been looking for a place to buy in the city of Philadelphia at any point in the last few years, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve ...

Read More icon-arrow April 28, 2021

Neighborhood Spotlight: Fishtown

Situated at the crux of Frankford and Delaware and expanding northeast along the river, Fishtown is surely one of Philadelphia’s most unique ...

Read More icon-arrow April 21, 2021

Decorating Your Home? Start Here!

Decorating and designing a home can be equal parts challenging and rewarding, but at the end of it all, it’s a direct manifestation of your personal ...

Read More icon-arrow April 07, 2021


Real Estate doesn’t have to be difficult, but it can sometimes be confusing. While we wish the fundamentals of real estate were taught in schools ...

Read More icon-arrow March 31, 2021

Five Traits to Look for When Choosing an Agent

Whether you’re buying your dream home, selling your longtime property, or just looking for a spot to crash for a little while, having a competent ...

Read More icon-arrow March 24, 2021

Three Tips for First Time Renters

Moving out on your own, eh? Congratulations! You’re taking a big step towards independence and self-sufficiency, one that shouldn’t be overlooked. ...

Read More icon-arrow March 17, 2021

Buying a Vacation Home? Don't Forget to Consider This!

Ah, yes, the joys of owning a vacation home. An escape from the grind of everyday life, a place to make memories with friends and family, and the ...

Read More icon-arrow March 10, 2021

Pets and Moving: What You Need to Know

Here at Copper Hill, we absolutely love our animals. Dogs, cats, horses, emus; you name it, we’re a fan. Whether your friend lives in a tank or roams ...

Read More icon-arrow March 03, 2021

SEPTA Moving Ahead With KOP High Speed Extension

Despite budget shortcomings, depressed pandemic-era ridership, and the reality of losing almost a million dollars per day, SEPTA is hopeful that its ...

Read More icon-arrow February 24, 2021

Neighborhood Spotlight: East Passyunk

Nestled just off Broad Street in the culturally-rich, history-laden streets of South Philadelphia lies the neighborhood of East Passyunk. Home to ...

Read More icon-arrow February 17, 2021

What is Foreclosure?

Foreclosure is a term you’ve probably heard on late night commercials and on listings for bank-owned properties, and if you were of age during the ...

Read More icon-arrow February 10, 2021

CHRE Mailbag #1

These days, it seems that everyone’s got questions. About the world, the meaning of life, and of course, real estate. Some people have questions ...

Read More icon-arrow February 03, 2021

Neighborhood Spotlight: Cedar Park

Nestled just below University City and tucked away just north of the arterial Baltimore Avenue stretch, West Philadelphia’s Cedar Park neighborhood ...

Read More icon-arrow January 27, 2021

City Restaurants Celebrate Limited Reopening

The longest winter any of us can remember chugs along, and with continued shutdowns and coronavirus-related closures, it’s a stark reminder of just ...

Read More icon-arrow January 20, 2021

Property Tax Revisions? Not This Time

Property taxes; many people have them, and seemingly everyone hates them. (If you know someone who loves property taxes, please check in on them.) ...

Read More icon-arrow January 13, 2021

CHRE Tips: Choosing the Right Floors

If you were to ask one hundred different people on the streets of Philadelphia what they considered to be the most important feature of a home, you’d ...

Read More icon-arrow January 06, 2021

Seller's Assists Explained

Falling in love with the picture perfect home you found online while scrolling through endless listings is the easy part of purchasing a property. ...

Read More icon-arrow December 30, 2020

Neighborhood Spotlight: Paradise

If you’ve spent any time up near Laurel Hill Cemetery, perhaps around 35th street and Allegheny Avenue, then you might have noticed that something’s ...

Read More icon-arrow December 16, 2020

Know Your Options: Four Methods for Comparing Properties

If you’ve ever looked at the housing market (we’re guessing that you have) and perused properties available for rent or purchase, then you know that ...

Read More icon-arrow December 09, 2020

What to Expect at Settlement: Seller Edition

After what seems like an impossibly long wait, the time has come. Settlement day is here; the day that you can finally put this transaction to rest. ...

Read More icon-arrow December 02, 2020

What to Expect At Settlement: Buyer Edition

Settlement is undoubtedly one of the most exciting (if not the most exciting) points in the process of a real estate transaction. When settlement ...

Read More icon-arrow November 25, 2020

Four Things To Remember When Moving Into A New Home

Moving into a new place, especially a home you’ve purchased, is a major life accomplishment! It’s the end of a long journey of searching high and low ...

Read More icon-arrow November 18, 2020

Neighborhood Spotlight: East Falls

Nestled in the upper northwest corner of the city high in the hills and under layers of verdant green, Philadelphia’s East Falls has long been ...

Read More icon-arrow November 11, 2020

Settling In A New Neighborhood: COVID-Conscious Tips to Feel at Home In Your New Digs

In a normal world, moving brings with it a lot of excitement and anticipation. Whether you’re leaving home for the first time, sliding into a new ...

Read More icon-arrow November 04, 2020

Neighborhood Spotlight: Fairmount

Bound by the greens of Lemon Hill, the sprawling walls of Girard College and the parthenon-inspired Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia’s ...

Read More icon-arrow October 28, 2020

Neighborhood History: Old City

When you think of Philadelphia- you know, the old Philadelphia (with the Liberty Bell, the Founding Fathers, and revolutionary times)- there’s a good ...

Read More icon-arrow October 21, 2020

Why You Might (or Might Not) Get That Security Deposit Back

Depending on your landlord, the act of handing over a security deposit can feel like an investment in the future or like lighting your money on fire. ...

Read More icon-arrow October 07, 2020

A Few Words From a Small Business Owner During a Pandemic

**A guest post from our co-founder, Tim Garrity**

Read More icon-arrow October 02, 2020

What is Citizen?

These days, it can feel difficult to know exactly what’s going on around you. Sirens, crashes, bangs and booms coming from every corner of the city ...

Read More icon-arrow September 30, 2020

The Sixers? At Penn's Landing?

The Sixers? On the waterfront? I know what you’re thinking (no freaking way), but perhaps there’s some credence to this idea after all.

Read More icon-arrow September 23, 2020

Three Pop-Up Spots You HAVE to Check Out This Fall!

It’s okay to admit it; you’ve missed going out to eat more than almost anything else over these past few months. When the coronavirus shut down ...

Read More icon-arrow September 16, 2020

Back to Nature; Connecting with Philly's Parks

As if Philadelphia wasn’t beautiful enough with its colonial architecture, scenic rivers, and colorful storefronts, we’re lucky enough to have one of ...

Read More icon-arrow September 09, 2020

Seven Tips to Freshen Up Your Space

Things have been strange over the past few months. Depending on where you live, you’ve probably had to deal with some sort of stay-at-home order as a ...

Read More icon-arrow September 02, 2020

Creating A Vibe: How to Decorate Your Outdoor Space

If you’re lucky enough to have some private outdoor space in your living situation, odds are you’ve probably been spending a fair amount of time ...

Read More icon-arrow August 26, 2020

12 Questions to Ask Before a FaceTime Home Tour

A year ago, buying a home without setting foot inside seemed risky. Today, it’s the safest option.

Read More icon-arrow August 19, 2020

Order Up! Supporting Philly's Neighborhood Restaurants

Neighborhood restaurants provide character, charm, and flavor for the people living in the blocks surrounding the kitchen. They can shape the ...

Read More icon-arrow August 12, 2020

Inherit Real Estate? Here's What You Need to Know

Inheriting real estate can be a daunting idea to think about. There are many legal and financial responsibilities to think about on top of dealing ...

Read More icon-arrow July 29, 2020

3 Ways To Add More Value To Your Home Before Listing It

It is no secret that home renovations can help you maximize the value of your home come resale time, with metrics showing a huge boom in the home ...

Read More icon-arrow July 22, 2020

Small House? Home Improvement Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Small homes are typically defined as about 1,000 square feet or less with the average home in the United States coming in at 1,650 square feet. ...

Read More icon-arrow July 01, 2020

Things are Heating Up! Don't have A/C? Here are Some Tips to Stay Cool During the Summer

No matter where you reside across the country, we have all been advised to stay inside as much as possible. This all started in the spring, when the ...

Read More icon-arrow June 24, 2020

5 Essential Home Maintenance Items Every Homeowner Should Know How To Do

The minute you officially become a homeowner is also the minute you can no longer rely on your landlord or a building superintendent for common ...

Read More icon-arrow June 17, 2020

Why Staging is Important

It can be difficult to sell your home these days as buyers have become more and more specific. Unfortunately, buyers aren't particularly interested ...

Read More icon-arrow June 03, 2020

How Homes Might be Built Differently Post Coronavirus

As of now, most of us have spent more than 2 months quarantined inside of our homes. As things continue, you might wonder if your home is constructed ...

Read More icon-arrow May 27, 2020

Why It's a Bad Idea to Sell Your Home Without a Realtor

A common question we receive is why do people try to sell their home without the help of a Realtor? Below are some reasons why that we believe this ...

Read More icon-arrow May 20, 2020


Living next door to the wrong kind of people can create a plethora of problems. It can cause even the most beautiful home in the most serene town to ...

Read More icon-arrow May 06, 2020


Being a first-time home buyer can be stressful and a bit scary. You will go back and forth debating on whether or not owning a home is for you, and ...

Read More icon-arrow April 26, 2020


The Philadelphia Energy Authority is partnering with American Water Resources to offer a water and sewer line protection program for Philadelphia ...

Read More icon-arrow April 22, 2020

Copper Hill Quarterly Report 2020 (Q1)

Read More icon-arrow April 15, 2020


Read More icon-arrow April 11, 2020


Building a consistent brand is essential because your brand is the pattern of expression that affects what people think about your company. Your ...

Read More icon-arrow April 08, 2020


Sustainable features in homes are the latest trend to attract buyers. The good news is that there are so many ways to improve the efficiency and ...

Read More icon-arrow April 04, 2020


Having your everyday destinations within walking distance from your home is very important to a lot of people. It will save you time and money and ...

Read More icon-arrow April 01, 2020


When it comes to renting, it is important that you are educated and know exactly what you are getting yourself into. There are many ways you can ...

Read More icon-arrow March 28, 2020


Read More icon-arrow March 25, 2020


We have all heard about the law of supply and demand. It is a theory that explains the interaction between the sellers of a resource and the buyers ...

Read More icon-arrow March 18, 2020


Do you own a property in the City of Philadelphia and live in it as your primary residence? If so, you are eligible for saving a significant amount ...

Read More icon-arrow March 11, 2020


If you are planning on selling your house, you should definitely consider making some updates before you list it. Not only will it attract more ...

Read More icon-arrow March 04, 2020


With warm weather quickly approaching (and already happening), the City of Brotherly love will be a great place for you to enjoy the upcoming spring ...

Read More icon-arrow February 26, 2020

Copper Hill's Office Featured in Philadelphia Business Journal

The Philadelphia Business Journal runs a segment titled, "Cool Offices" in which they feature various companies throughout the Philadelphia metro ...

Read More icon-arrow February 20, 2020


Among all of the stores that line the streets of Philadelphia, it can be hard to find unique items, let alone ones that fit your style. Putting a ...

Read More icon-arrow February 19, 2020


Read More icon-arrow February 12, 2020


Read More icon-arrow February 05, 2020

2019 Was an Incredible Year | Sales Recap

2019 was an incredible year here at Copper Hill Real Estate. It wrapped up our 5th year as a company in which we set company records in sales volume, ...

Read More icon-arrow January 16, 2020


It’s been a while, as Copper Hill has been growing, but blogging is a passion of mine and something I truly love to do; so I hope you didn’t think I ...

Read More icon-arrow July 24, 2019


As promised in past blog posts, I am writing another educational post on the topic of real estate. The feedback has been great so far, so I want to ...

Read More icon-arrow July 24, 2019


As most of you already know, I was born/raised in the suburbs (Yo, Abington) until the age of 18 when I ventured off to college at La Salle ...

Read More icon-arrow July 24, 2019


That answer may be closer to “yes” than it has been in a long time. Hello, Philadelphia Jobs Growth Coalition.

Read More icon-arrow July 24, 2019

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