CHRE Tips: Choosing the Right Floors

Posted by Copper Hill on Wed, Jan 6, '21

If you were to ask one hundred different people on the streets of Philadelphia what they considered to be the most important feature of a home, you’d more than likely get one hundred different answers. But if you ask us, one of the items we’d rank the highest would definitely be the flooring.

Flooring is incredibly important; without it, you’ll simply fall through to the basement. But all kidding aside, choosing the right type and style of flooring is no easy task. Whether you’re flipping a shell or redesigning part of your dream home, Copper Hill is here to give you the lowdown on how to choose the right things to stand on. 


Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl laminate flooring is probably the easiest and most efficient option for budget-fixers, landlords, DIY people, and anyone not looking to blow many thousands of dollars on one part of one renovation. Vinyl flooring is cheap, resistant to damage, and relatively easy to install. This is especially applicable to rental properties; flooring that’s damage resistant and easy to replace is a landlord’s best friend.


Tile Flooring

Ceramic, tile, and porcelain are great options for flooring any room or area that will regularly be exposed to water, such as a bathroom, laundry room, sunroom, greenhouse, or three-season porch. Moisture in the air and in the room can cause damage to wood and vinyl flooring in the long term, often resulting in warped boards and weak points in the structure. Avoid this with the time-tested solution of porcelain and tile floors.


Hardwood Flooring

Ah, good old hardwood. The classic look that adds depth and richness to almost any room. When stained and installed correctly, it can look absolutely amazing, but it definitely requires thought and care to get the most out of it. Hardwood flooring is arguably the most susceptible to scratches and dings, and when you’ve invested money and time into it, that can be hard to stomach. Hardwood may well be the right choice for you, just make sure it’s installed by a true professional.



Carpet works best away from points of entry; once dirt gets in, it’s hard to get that dirt out. Carpets are a great solution for kids’ rooms, finished basements, and anywhere there might be a lot of sitting and lounging around. We might advise considering a darker color if you’re not in the mood to clean it constantly, but since there’s no shortage of carpet options, it’s pretty easy to find a style you’ll love.

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