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Creating A Vibe: How to Decorate Your Outdoor Space

Posted by Copper Hill on Wed, Aug 26, '20

If you’re lucky enough to have some private outdoor space in your living situation, odds are you’ve probably been spending a fair amount of time enjoying it as the summer kicks into full swing. Whether you’re living on a ranch with land for as far as the eye can see or you’re making do with a shoebox backyard in the concrete jungle, there are ways to decorate and brighten up any sort of outdoor space. No matter where you might be, here are some ideas to make your backyard come to life.


Try an Umbrella

Block out the sun, keep guests cool, and add some color to your yard with a free-standing foldable umbrella for those scorching days. Besides, who doesn’t love some shade?


Go Green

Adding plants can be one of the biggest differences between a yard that feels drab and a yard that springs to life. Opt for plants that are easy to maintain and can get their necessary sunlight from wherever you may plant them


Hang a Shelf

Though perhaps not an initially obvious touch, adding a shelf in the right spot is a great way to showcase your style or keep outdoor essentials close at hand. Consider opting for wood or a rustic metal over plastic.


Grab A Patio Set

What’s the only thing better than hanging out with friends and relaxing? Hanging out with friends and relaxing in a set of matching patio furniture. Give your space a cohesive feel while retaining the beauty of the outdoors with an all-weather set of furniture.


Add a Fire Pit

Turn up the heat with a fire pit, the perfect center for entertaining guests and relaxing after a long day. If you’ve got the space, consider a custom-built fire pit to fit your space; if you’re on a budget, you can still get in on the action with a metal base. Be sure to check your local ordinances and requirements concerning open flames.


Build an Outdoor Bar

Your favorite drinks are always on tap when you’ve got an outdoor bar. Grab a pushcart or small shelf, stock it with your favorite beverages and mixers, and tuck it in a corner of your yard, ready to be deployed at any time. It’s sure to be a favorite at parties!


Set the Table

Spruce up your outdoor space with an outdoor dining table. Consider using bright, gingham patterns to add color and vibrancy to your yard. With a tablecloth, a set of nice dishes, and some complimentary placemats, you’ll be ready to serve anyone!


Hang String Lights

Not only are string lights beautiful and bright, they can provide depth to your outdoor space when strung across the perimeter of the yard. Most lights come with hooks, but if you’re able, get creative with your hanging patterns by nailing them up as necessary. Your nighttimes will be transformed by this addition!

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