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Fishtown, one of Kensington’s oldest neighborhoods, got its name because it was once the center of the city’s shad fishing industry. The fish made Fishtown a working-class community and it remained working-class from its founding up until very recently. Fishtown has gotten new life as younger residents come from Center City. It now hosts brand-new half-million-dollar homes on its narrow row house-lined street. About a year and a half ago, a writer in Forbes named it “America’s hottest new neighborhood.” Fishtown features numerous beer gardens, coffee roasters, whiskey bars, artisan butcher shops, vintage furniture boutiques, and comic-book emporia.


Fishtown is an ever-changing snapshot of Philly in the moment, and its food scene is no different. There’s a boatload of restaurants in this neighborhood, and if you ever visit, eating out here is a must. If you want to go to a massive Lebanese market with an all-day cafe, large restaurant, and an outdoor garden, Suraya is the place for you. If you want a more diverse menu, check out Kensington Quarters Restaurant and Bar. Their menu offers everything from parsnip ravioli and grilled swordfish to 30-day dry-aged steak. For a re-creation of classic Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodian, and Burmese dishes, head over to Stock - A Southeast Asian BYO restaurant.


With all the amenities that Fishtown offers, it is sure to come at a certain price. The Median single-family house value is about $280,000 and the median condo/co-op value is about $346,900. For around $1,500 you will meet the median monthly rent (all as of 2019).


If you are a history buff, there are definitely a few places in Fishtown worth visiting. The George Chandler School, located on East Montgomery Street, was built in 1907/8 and was designed by Henry deCourcy Richards. It is a historic school building that was added to The National Register of Historic Places in 1988. Another spot you may want to take a peek at is The Green Tree Tavern, which also goes by the name of Marlborough Inn. It is reputed to be among the oldest operating taverns in Philadelphia. This tavern is located on East Girard Avenue.

If you want to be a part of this young, hip, and on the rise neighborhood, check out available listings in Fishtown here.





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