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Five Traits to Look for When Choosing an Agent

Posted by Copper Hill on Wed, Mar 24, '21

Whether you’re buying your dream home, selling your longtime property, or just looking for a spot to crash for a little while, having a competent agent that knows the market and cares about your well being can make all of the difference in the world. While there are many agents that serve various communities, it’s not a stretch to say that some are more skilled than others; to say that some care more than others is quite an understatement. 

So how can you make sure you’re in good hands?

Great question! We’ve gotten this question over and over again, both from first-time buyers to transactional regulars. Nobody wants to get screwed over (we’d hope, at least), so we’ve asked around and compiled the top five traits to look for when searching for a real estate agent.


This might not be an obvious one, but punctuality can say a lot about an agent. As your representative in the home-searching process, your agent must keep your best interests in mind at all times. That means being there when needed, and being available to answer your questions and make the process simpler and easier. If an agent can’t show up on time or respond to your messages in a timely manner, it’s likely indicative of larger issues.



We’re not saying that your agent should reply to your middle-of-the-night panic texts immediately, but they should be accessible enough that you never have to hesitate to reach out to them with a question. Your agent should consistently reply to you within a reasonable amount of time, and they should never leave you hanging on a matter of any degree of importance. If your agent can’t be reached, they probably shouldn’t be trusted.



There’s no beating around the bush here. A home sale or purchase is a serious matter, and requires complete honesty from both sides. If there’s an issue that comes up or something unexpected arises, you should be able to count on your agent to give you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It’s one thing to find a silver lining in a bad situation; it’s a whole other thing to try and sugarcoat bad news so as to avoid dealing with the seriousness of it. Go with your gut on this one; if you don’t think your agent is giving it to you straight, it might be time to look elsewhere.



Many clients and agents wind up becoming friends over the course of a transaction, and we’re all for that! But if your agent is slacking on the things they told you they’d handle, or you feel that they’re being too casual in pursuing the goals you’ve set together, it might be time to think again. Every agent has a different style, and there’s nothing wrong with being laid back as long as things get done, but if they’re too hands off to help, look elsewhere.



Sometimes, real estate agents have to be the bearer of bad news. Maybe the roof on your soon-to-be dream home caved in and collapsed the day before inspection; perhaps the seller has increased the price just when you thought you had struck a deal. And sometimes, it might even be an administrative error on the part of your agent. Either way, these are the moments in which your agent must be counted on to give you the honest lowdown and offer their advice. It is not the time for the agent to skew the situation to cover their own butt. The best agents are the most honest agents; if you’re getting sketch vibes, get out while you can.

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