Going on Vacation? Remember These Three Things!

Posted by Copper Hill on Wed, Jun 15, '22

It’s finally summer again, and after two plus years of laying low, many people are getting back on the move. Whether it’s a weekend trip to see friends you’ve been missing or taking a two month epic backpacking trip that you’ll remember for the rest of your life, the common theme here is leaving home behind. Saying goodbye to home for a little while is always nice when you’ve spent so much time in your abode, but it’s important to make sure your property is safe and sound while you’re gone. We’ve got a few tips on how to make that happen.


Turn On The Alarm

While alarms are certainly more of a feature in homes that are owned versus homes that are rented, it’s never a bad time to consider investing in a home security system. Burglars often look for homes without an alarm system sticker in the window; homes with alarm systems that are turned on are less often the victim of crime. With many options under $30/month, vacation is a great time to implement a home security plan.


Give the Key to a Friend

If you’re going to be gone for more than a day or two, you might want to consider leaving the key with a trusted friend or relative so that they can enter the property and check on things while you’re gone. Maybe you have plants that need to be watered, maybe you’re expecting a package, maybe you just need to have the trash taken out. Either way, giving a key to a friend allows for entrances and exits to be made from your property, giving the appearance of someone being home even while you’re not.


Invest in a Dimmer

For frequent travelers, having lights on a timer can be a game-changer. Even on days when nobody is able to go to or from the property, having lights on a timer (or even better yet, remote controlled) can help create the illusion of someone being home. Frequently, would-be home robbers look for consecutive days without any activity at home- lights going on, doors opening, cars coming and going- before trying anything. Keeping lights on a timer is a simple and easy way to prevent home burglary.


Going on vacation is not only fun, but it’s important to maintain mental health and keep a fresh perspective for the long run. If you’re going far from home, and especially for a long period of time, use these tips to keep your property safe. And of course, you can ask us any other home questions you have; find your answers at copperhillre.com or reach out to one of our agents!


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