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Neighborhood Spotlight: Fairmount

Posted by Copper Hill on Thu, May 13, '21

Ah, Fairmount, one of our favorite neighborhoods in the city. Situated in the lower northwest corner of Philadelphia’s sprawling downtown, the tree-lined streets of Fairmount offer a serene and tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of Center City with a wide variety of drinking, dining, and social activities for everyone. Built on a hill just north of Center City, Fairmount is bounded by Vine Street to the South, Girard Ave to the North, Corinthian Ave on the East end and Kelly Drive on the West end. Bordering Fairmount are a few different neighborhoods; Brewerytown lies just north, Francisville just east, Spring Garden just south, and Fairmount Park on the west, making it central to many heavily residential areas of the city.

Want to get to Fairmount? You’ll be there in no time. Grab your SEPTA key and hop on the 7, 32, 48, or 49 busses, all of which will take you right to the heart of the neighborhood from various points around the city. Driving is even easier; just hop off of 76 at the Spring Garden Exit, or take Kelly Drive down to Pennsylvania Avenue. You can even take the trolley along iconic Girard Avenue from Fishtown or West Philly. Within the neighborhood, walking and biking are easy on the wide streets, and two-hour parking zones are abundant in the area. With the endless options for food and drink on Fairmount Avenue and beyond, finding your way around will be a breeze.

Looking for a spot to watch the Eagles? Urban Saloon has got you covered. If you’re longing for amazing barbecue, Jack’s Firehouse is a treat for even the esteemed foodie. Grab some fantastic tacos and enchiladas at La Calaca Feliz, and while you’re up there, stop by The Fairview for a drink outside under their covered sidewalk patio. Make sure you take a walk by Eastern State Penitentiary and check out the neighborhood gardens on Corinthian Street under the massive stone wall as well!

Fairmount offers a dynamic blend of cuisine, culture, and community, all within walking distance of Center City and the Parkway, and easily accessible from any part of town. With beautiful homes, parks, and public spaces, Fairmount is a great place to stop for lunch or plant your roots. Want to learn more about Fairmount? Check out the latest listings with Copper Hill.

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