Pets and Moving: What You Need to Know

Posted by Copper Hill on Wed, Mar 3, '21

Here at Copper Hill, we absolutely love our animals. Dogs, cats, horses, emus; you name it, we’re a fan. Whether your friend lives in a tank or roams through the house, odds are they’re playing a pretty important role in your life. So when you’re looking for your next place, making sure it’s pet friendly is key. In the city of Philadelphia, you’ll find different levels of pet-friendliness depending on the type of unit, location, and landlord.

For property owners, the main hesitation for allowing pets is undoubtedly the fear of damage to the unit. Most commonly, pets scratch and claw at walls and floors, which can lead to repairs down the line. Different landlords have a different way of accounting for your animal friends in the rent. Today, we’ll discuss.

Pet Fees

Pet fees are a one-time deposit paid to the landlord or property manager upon moving into the unit. As the name suggests, the fees are non-refundable, and are often mandated as a condition of taking occupancy of a unit. Pet fees provide landlords with the security of money up front; this then allows them to cover damages upon moving out that go beyond the normal wear and tear of having a human being live in the property. Some landlords will charge a flat rate for pets, some will charge per animal, and some will even vary the pet fee based on the breed and species of the pet. Pet fees usually range from $250 to $750 due at the time of move in.


Pet Rent

Just as it goes for their two-legged owners, pet rent is a monthly fee that is due at the beginning of each month. Pet rent is usually between $20 and $50 per month charged in addition to the normal rent amount. Including a pet rent charge gives landlords more security, as it creates a stream of funds to be used for repairs and maintenance that grows for as long as the tenant has animals in the unit. It’s also more attractive to tenants because of the much lower upfront cost compared to a deposit or fee, and an increasingly popular option in pet friendly rentals.


Pet Deposit

Pet deposits are the happy medium between pet rent and pet fees. The pet deposit, paid at the time of move-in, is a deposit that can be used to cover pet damage and pet damage only. Just like a regular security deposit, the pet deposit is conditionally refundable upon move-out. Like a security deposit, the money can only be used for damages, not simple wear and tear on the unit. A pet deposit could only be used to pay for damages and upkeep that is the direct result of the animal living in the unit.


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