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Seven Tips to Freshen Up Your Space

Posted by Copper Hill on Wed, Sep 2, '20

Things have been strange over the past few months. Depending on where you live, you’ve probably had to deal with some sort of stay-at-home order as a result of the pandemic. In Philadelphia and many other urban spaces across the world, the lockdown has forced many of us into spaces that can be quite small. 

It’s tough to realize just how much space we truly have until we’re confined within it. If you’ve felt stuck, stir crazy, or sluggish, you’re certainly not alone! Freshening up your place can make it feel cleaner, spacious, and much more livable! Looking to start? We’ve got a few tips for you.


First, Declutter!

Clutter is the silent killer; it sneaks up slowly, and it’s everywhere before you even realize. Try going room-by-room, surface-by-surface to get rid of junk and rid your house of things you don’t need. You may even find something you’ve lost!


Let the Light In

Unless you live in a cave, you’re probably a fan of natural light. Apart from the visual display, the presence of natural light in a home can lift the mood, make the house feel more expansive, and provide a feeling of true warmth. Flood your home with the rays of the sun by drawing those curtains and letting the sunshine pour in.


Add Some Plants

Greenery can make any space, indoor or outdoor, feel more lush, comfortable, and welcoming. Whether you like windowside succulents or ivy growing from the cracks in the brick wall, adding plants to your abode brings life into your space! If you’re a pet owner, make sure to only purchase plants that are safe for animals, and to water them often!


Swap Out the Welcome Mat

It’s hardly the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about home decor, but the mat at your front door can leave a considerable first impression on visitors. Getting rid of a worn and dirty mat in favor of one that’s fresher and newer makes the house look more tidy and put together. Plus, who doesn’t love the feeling of raking their shoes over a clean mat and getting the dirt off!


Straighten Up the Front Hall

When the door opens and you’re letting someone in, you’re all that stands between them and the front hall; if it’s dirty, it may well be the first part of your house that a guest lays eyes on. Make your front hall a place to appreciate with some TLC and some decor. Tidy up the piles of shoes, mail, and jackets that greet the entrant and give your foyer some love.


Color Coordination

Before you go and paint your entire house in tie-dye, it’s important to think about what color coordination should do for a room. Ideally, your color scheme will be pleasing to the eye, cohesive, and provide a sense of balance. When selecting colors, it’s important to think about where the color manifests itself within the room, whether that’s in furniture, curtains, or the paint on the walls, and use that to build a vibe.


Add a Candle

Decorating a home is a task for the eye; creating a warm aroma that greets your guests with a hug and pulls them into your home is a task for the nose. A candle (or two) can provide depth to the experience of being in your space and give you a way to express your personality and taste. Try and buy paraben-free candles; cutting out preservatives is healthier for breathing in over time.

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