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Spring Into A Better Market!

Posted by Copper Hill on Tue, Mar 21, '23


Spring is here again… seems like it comes around every year about this time. As the frigid air gives way to sunshine and warmer temperatures, the real estate market begins to thaw. If you’re thinking about getting your property ready for sale in 2023, you’ve got the right idea. Here’s a few tips on how to get ready.


Clean Off The Cobwebs


While you don’t need to start scrubbing the floorboards with a toothbrush quite yet, it’s a smart idea to start your spring cleaning a bit earlier this year. This is especially important for vacant or vacation properties which don’t see everyday use. Prepare your home like you would if you were hosting a soiree or having family stay for a little while. Get out your duster, clear the clutter, and spruce up your home for the springtime.


Make Your Home Picture-Perfect!


When the snow starts to melt (or in Philadelphia, the slush), the buyers begin to emerge from the woodwork. While home sales often slow to a crawl in the winter months, springtime represents the beginning of the yearly home sales cycle. As it becomes easier to be outside, buyers are increasingly willing to get out and see properties of interest. The earlier your home is ready to be shown, the stronger chance you have of standing out against the competition.


Lay Down The Law(n)


Once it becomes warm enough to leave the house without a parka, everyone wants to spend more time outside. Getting your yard ready after months of frost is of the utmost importance when marketing your house in the springtime. Curb appeal should never be underestimated; the front exterior of a property is often the very first thing that buyers see when visiting. It’s time to till the yard, put down some new seed, and watch that green grass grow! If you’re in the city, now’s the time to break out those planter boxes and put your flowers out in front.


Make A Go-To-Market Plan


It’s always easier said than done, but any good agent will think many steps ahead when planning out your home sale strategy. Finding an agent with a strong knowledge of the local market and comparable properties is of the utmost importance when listing your home. KYour agent should intimately know the ins and outs of your area, along with the best strategies and the latest market information, in order to get you the best return on your home. Not sure where to start? Copper Hill can help. Get in touch with our team today to get the most out of your home.

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