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Posted by Copper Hill on Wed, Jun 10, '20

After a long period of using nickel, stainless steel, and chrome, brass has finally been reintroduced to help recover all that we have lost.

Similar to many other home furnishing trends, the reintroduction of brass has been inspired by the current trend in fashion. According to Chicago Kaufman Segal Designer, Tom Segal, both rose gold and gold watches have, at a considerable rate, influenced the reestablishment of brass with the intention to improve the style of home furnishes.

Segal continues by saying that brass is not only easy to use, but affordable to homeowners that intend to customize their homes and maintain a certain level of style. Segal notes, "A significant percentage of people desire to have a home that is stylish, and which has fabrics that are visible with warmer colors."

A showroom supervisor at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery, Erin Imhof, explains that more people are now switching to the use of brass in different applications. Imhof explains how brass is essential and compatible with different colors and different finishes. In her statement, Imhof explains that brass is known to pair beautifully with brass fixtures, thus making it suitable for Kitchens and bathrooms.


Other experts, such as Julie Sprouse, identify brass as a universal mixer. In her statement, Sprouse explains, "Our designs tend to be more compatible with brass, regardless of having ancient descent such as the decorative bowl, metal base, light fixture, or object of art." Julie Sprouse is a design sales manager at Ethan Allen, who undoubtedly believes that brass is the best option in home furnishing.

Design Coordinator and stylist, Caitie Smith, similarly upholds the belief that brass is a furnishing tool that could be applied in home furnishing and the making of small structures such as vent controls, light switches, hardware, and light fixtures. Smith explains further that brass can be applied in the making of accessory details, including picture frames, candle holders, plumbing fixtures such as sinks, and bathroom hardware.


While presenting brass to your clients, the following are tips and facts that one can consider.

1. Durability. Surprisingly, brass is known to stay fashionable for an unimaginable period. Brass is thus considered beneficial since it can serve its purpose for a very long period and can easily be added in or switched out.

2. Mix finishes. Experts such as Segal say that brass tends to appear more timeless rather than fashionable when it's aged, brushed, or matte, which is known to soften its sheen. Since different industries produce different brass products, Smith advises people to be more careful when they decide to mix brasses in a single space since other industries may choose to make old gold while others produce a bright yellow color.

3. Use sparingly. According to Smith, brass is known to work best when applied in a smaller dosage. Besides, an excessive amount of brass could make it look cheap while it creates a "too matchy-matchy" look, which could be unsuitable for the desired outcome.

4. Combining warm metal colors. Sporous attests to the fact that bronze, gold, and brass could be combined accordingly and present desired results since they offer a shiny nickel and warmer values.

5. Mixing Metals. Sprouse explains that brass can easily be mixed, oil-rubbed bronze, stainless steel, brushed nickel, and satin. However, Imhoff cautions brass users by advising them to stick to warmer, muted undertones to promote consistency.


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